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 Heart to heart conversations on music, life and the creative space.

Art direction
3D & Illustration

A magazine set out to explore up and coming Swedish and international hip hop acts mainly, bringing forward their personal process of creating music and their experience of navigating through a male-dominated industry as a female/non-binary.

The print is inspired by the aesthetics of flyers and posters, cheap blended with editorial. The look and layout also draws from its focal point and theme: shining a light on the queer / female gaze and experience within the hip hop industry, with juxtapozed text and imagery sections reflecting the musicians hectic and playful creative process. 

The magazine was printed on broadsheet newspaper and exposed at Rönnels Antikvariat as part of the exhibition Musik trycks på papper, made during course in editorial design held by Stefania Malmsten at Beckmans College of Design. 

‘Ammo is here to charge you.
This is a music magazine that delves into conversation with some of the most inspiring individuals in the music scene today.

In this issue we’re focusing on the theme WORDS OF WISDOM –
the insights that surfaced in the process of music making by our invited hip hop acts.

We hope this read gives you ammo to get gritty creatively, whether it’s in hip hop production or something completely different.

People with a love of sound, lyrics and craftmanship tell their stories for you to draw energy from.
Whether you make music yourself or if you’re keen on getting to know the ones behind it.’

Release at Rönnells Antikvariat, Stockholm