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”I had been fascinated by the blue of the sea, the sky, the intense freshness which emanated from this universe dedicated to beauty. At the same time, I saw the statues of these young men who are the splendor of Greek statuary… I had my new perfume. And its name.”
– Yves Saint Laurent

I re-iterated a visual identity and concept for the iconic YSL perfume KOUROS – Scent of Gods created by perfumier Pierre Bourdin and Yves Saint Laurent in 1981. Creating a quintessentially masculine coded perfume, YSL drew his inspiration from the divine realm and of ancient statues depicting young masculine beauty. Kouros translated to godlike / ideal men in greek. Notes include aldehyde, bergamot, tonka bean, musk, amber, vetiver, vanilla, cilantro and patchouli.

Who would Kouros embody today? 

In my iteration he is a freespirited clubkid in contemporary Berghain.
The blend of greek geometry with a contemporary and black latex-like texture creates friction between the aesthetics. Classic geometries from greek art meet futuristic typography and  design. Mixed media of 3D rendering and physical packaging design. 

Packaging – high gloss black surface with tactile embossed graphics.

Typography inspired by the geometric  meander-ornaments often seen on ancient greek pottery, embossed on the packaging.

Detail of small festive motif of young greek men.
Embossed on package lid.

3D design of glass bottle modelled and animated in C4D.
Negative shape for liquid content inspired by the silhouette of an ancient amphora.