director     ✦    art director

SoMe content, website design, print, motion design

My role:
Visual Identity
Web design concept

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This visual identity for a digital and physical exhibition is inspired by the Torah scroll, digital scrolling and QR-codes – three essential elements of this exhibition.

This playful and intuitive interface that encourages interaction and movement. Nine digital guides were produced as a collaboration between students at Beckmans College of Design and Judiska Museet. They were made accessible digitally through QR-codes, linking to each guide when scanned by a smartphone. The project’s intent was to add new layers to the existing physical exhibition, interpreting its collection in various ways.  
Made together with Lova Nyblom and Isabelle Sjö.

The website serves as a platform for finding the digital guides.
A horizontal scroll that lead to Torah-scroll-shaped bars which when clicked on expand and link to the nine respective digital guides.